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With Davina's help, they bonded the ingredients to a knife, creating a weapon that can kill Dahlia. As Damon was about to make the final blow, Stefan arrived (having been revived by Katherine earlier) and tackled him, knocking the stake out of his hands in the process. Esther also feared Mikael, to the point where she forbade Ansel from being there for Klaus knowing that Mikael would kill him for having an affair with her. While Esther prepared the spell, Mikael tied Klaus up in chains, demanding that Elijah help him when he stood nearby and looked guilty. Rebekah was willing to summon Mikael to New Orleans and believed he would let her be with Marcel should he kill Klaus, which Mikael confirmed he would allow, though Rebekah ended up siding against Mikael. Click the button below to start this article in quick view. Upon seeing Klaus' first transformation as a true hybrid, Mikael stated, "He's a beast. He was a loving and caring father for both of his children, but his favorite was his beloved daughter. After the vision has ended he knows the truth and screams out Rebekah's name in anger. One day, while Elijah and Klaus were sparring, Mikael watched them. Mikael still hunted the three until he realized he was hunting imposters. Freya, however, is an exception. Vampirism:Kol is one of the Originals, making him one of the first vampires on Earth. Mikael began by instructing Elena to dagger him temporarily so Stefan wouldn't technically be lying when he told Klaus that Mikael tried to kill Elena, forcing her to dagger him to protect herself. Mikael also admitted that he had burned countless other cities like New Orleans while hunting his children. When Davina is attacked at Rousseau's by a group a of Moonlight ring wearing werewolves sent by Cassie, she uses her bracelet to summon Mikael from the attic. However, tales of Mikael, the vampire who hunts vampires, were still told by many throughout the centuries, and Katherine Pierce even mentioned that she had heard stories of him from her best friend Pearl in the 1800s, which was why she was ultimately the person who tracked him down and released him with the intention of killing Klaus for good. As it was Prohibition at the time, Mikael infiltrated the Chicago police force and became the Police Chief, using the fact that Gloria was running a speakeasy as an excuse to send the police officers to shoot up the bar with wooden bullets in search of his children. Mikael mocked Klaus when he referred to Mikael as "Father," and told him that his werewolf father would be embarrassed to have him as a son, just like he was before he knew the truth about his parentage. Mikael moved on to his true target, Klaus, after a century of hunting the Trinity, who were using his children's identities. Esther's spirit however, was forced to watch her children wreak havoc on the world from the Other Side and feel the pain of every victim as nature's way of punishing her for her actions. She lured him out of town to Charlotte, North Carolina, and once he was incapacitated, she entombed him in a cemetery there, where he laid dormant for nearly twenty years. Elijah told his brother his sole purpose in life had been realized, and he saw no future path for himself. " Die Mikaelson Familie blickt auf eine jahrhundert Jahre alte Herrschaft zurück. Freya took the opportunity to request that Finn allow her to take a few minutes with their father, and Finn tried to sway her against this, telling her that their father was no longer the man she remembered from when she was five years old. Joshua Mikaelson. For all of Mikael's faults as a parent, he genuinely wished to make his children able to survive and cared for all of them. Ragnar Mikaelson (Elder Futhark: ᚱᚨᚷᚾᚨᚱ ᛗᛁᚲᚨᛖᛚᛋᛟᚾ) is a major recurring character on Vampire Bloodlines.. Ragnar is the fourth son of Mikael and Esther. Before Klaus' death, he even offered Rebekah the Cure, which he had previously refused to give her. He killed Klaus's horse, Theo, putting its head on a pike before he burnt down the town in his hunt for his "bastard" step-son. Central characters Klaus and his elder brother Elijah first appeared during season 2 of The Vampire Diaries. Mikael offers his help but she refuses it because she believes that he could trick her into a faulty spell just so he could get out early and kill Klaus. Mikael was overwhelmed with emotion, slowly beginning to believe her. During season 5, Klaus made the ultimate sacrifice by transferring the Hollow into his body, sealing his fate to save his daughter. Kol is the younger half-brother of Niklaus Mikaelson and the uncle of Hope Mikaelson and an unnamed nephew. Matthew confirmed that Daniel's death actually drove his mother insane. Mikael promised Marcel that he would leave Rebekah unharmed, as she was always his favorite, but he wanted his sons' exact location so he could kill Klaus. Their siblings Kol, Finn, and Rebekah and their parents Esther and Mikael made their debuts during season 3. Satisfied for the moment, Mikael removed his hand from Damon's chest, but before he left, he warned the brothers that if they went back on their word, he would drive a stake through their hearts as well as Klaus'. The youngest Mikaelson is reborn into the youngest Gilbert. Klaus threw Mikael's staff through the cabin window, knocking Davina out. However, Klaus unveiled Papa Tunde's blade and stabbed Mikael. Klaus took advantage of everyone's distraction by grabbing the stake and driving it through Mikael's heart, and watched in shock as Mikael burst into flames and died, taking the only white oak stake with him. He overpowers his son and prepares to drive the White Oak Stake into his heart when Marcel recovers Davina's bracelet, allowing her to regain control over him. Davina took Mikael to her family's abandoned cabin to hide from Klaus and Elijah. You do not reason with them, or try to change them. Mikael then shows him the white oak stake, which caused Elijah to start to fight him in order to stop him. However, when Mikael finally arrived in the aftermath of the gunfight, Klaus and Rebekah had already vanished. The go-to source for comic book and superhero movie fans. Hours later, Mikael awoke again and apologized to Katherine for his behavior before revealing that he has abstained from drinking human blood for as long as he can remember. Despite Klaus' pleas for Elijah to help him, he ended up listening to his father and helping Mikael chain Klaus to a post. A one-stop shop for all things video games. He then told her that instead of her counseling, he needed food. Even Elijah who can compete with Klaus in his usual mood was easily overpowered by Mikael while Klaus, who was composing himself in the battle with Mikael while most likely calling upon his rage to enhance himself, could barely keep up with Mikael in a weakened state and barely overpowered him when he was weakened even further. They married and were wealthy landowners. She then flees with Mikael. Rebekah argued that if Mikael was hunting Klaus, he was hunting her, and informed him that while she was well aware of what Klaus had done, including recently discovering that Klaus killed their mother, she still blamed Mikael for making Klaus into the person he was and for turning them into monsters in the first place. When she burned to death at Shiloh Place, she enacted a serum making her an Original Vampire and giving her the ability to compel regular Vampires. Over the next centuries, Mikael burned down half of Europe in his hunt for Klaus. ... A short story about Nova Mikaelson, the twin sister of Hope Mikaelson, life of being the forgotten twin, because Hope is … When Klaus answered the door to find Mikael on the porch, he told his step-father that his hybrids have been given orders to kill Mikael at his command. They are able to decapitate other species with a single chop and shatter windows and doors with very small obje… Though Klaus is able to compete with Mikael, the latter's overwhelming strength and skill proved too much. Mikael and Finn, united in their disdain for vampires and for their family, plotted to destroy all the vampires in New Orleans. At the same time, Agnes enacts a plan to kill the Mikaelson baby, by using the link between Sophie and Katherine. Back at the Mikaelson Mansion, Elijah tries calling Klaus as Thomas takes care of Hayley. An abomination!" Euphemia Mikaelson (Elder Futhark: ᛖᚢᛈᚺᚻᛖᛗᛁᚨ ᛗᛁᚲᚨᛖᛚᛋᛟᚾ) is the daughter of Mikael and Esther, younger sister of Freya, Finn and Elijah, as well as the older sister of Niklaus, Kol, Rebekah and Henrik Mikaelson.Born a Siphoner, upon being turned into an Original Vampire by her parents, she became the first Original Vampire/Witch Hybrid in the world. When they confronted her, she unleashed mind-controlled acolytes of hers on them. Rebekah Mikaelson (Elder Futhark: ᚱᛖᛒᛖᚲᚨᚺ ᛗᛁᚲᚨᛖᛚᛋᛟᚾ) is the former female protagonist of The Originals.She was a major recurring and guest character in the third, fourth and fifth seasons of The Vampire Diaries.She is the sole female Original Vampire and the second daughter of Mikael and Esther. Unfortunately, their presence was ultimately discovered by the werewolves, who were unable to control themselves and ended up mauling Henrik to death. Mikael allowed himself to be staked by Klaus even though he could have defeated and instead staked Klaus and as he died, he reached out for Klaus before burning, showing as hateful as he was, there was a part of him that still cared for Klaus. Mikael then revealed his true identity and admitted that he had been observing Marcel before informing him that he knew he would do anything to get out from under Klaus' wing, even if it meant calling the one man on earth who hates Klaus the most, Mikael the Destroyer. Katherine spent most of her time trying to get Mikael to rise from his coffin by attempting to get him to feed. They then started a family with the birth of their children Freya and Finn. Browse through and read or take mikael mikaelson stories, quizzes, and other creations . However, Mikael insisted that he could indeed kill Klaus, and that he will as soon as he was freed from his chains. When Katherine opened his tomb, Mikael opened his eyes, though he was still too desiccated and chained up to move. Klaus then put Mikael in a trunk, sparing him so he'd suffer, but Mikael managed to pull the blade from his own chest, the only Original who was strong enough and had enough willpower to do so. One day, Mikael caught Klaus carving chess pieces with his hunting knife, and Mikael whipped and beat Klaus half to death. She hugs both Elijah and Thomas then as she tries to tell Elijah something about the baby, she suddenly faints and Thomas catches her. In the 1200s, after Elijah had formed a society of vampires called the Strix, Mikael tracked them down and descended upon them with a small army of his own. Mikael then reminded him of how his mother's affair led to Klaus' existence and Mikael's secret shame. Mikael and his family later burned down the white oak tree to prevent it ever being used against them, but not before Mikael had secretly carved a stake as insurance in case one was needed for future use. Klaus convinced his siblings that Mikael had murdered their mother, probably out of anger for her infidelity, and they all ran from their father, fleeing back to the Old World. And though death is often a mere bump in the road for television characters, it looks as if the demise of Mikael — who was first introduced in a 2011 episode of The Vampire Diaries — will stick. Henrik was the youngest child of Mikael and Esther. During that time, Elijah was pregnant with Elijah. Some time later, Esther was pregnant with their son Elijah. 1. You ERASE THEM!" Later, Mikael went to see Elijah, and insisted that he just wanted to talk to him. Mikael tried to reach for his step-son in his final moments, a small gesture of his one time affection. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. You do not talk to abominations. The family comes from the 10th century Viking-era Europe, from the Kingdom of Norway where a young witchnamed Esther and her sister Dahlia were captured by Viking raiders. Elena Gilbert met Finn Mikaelson when she was 12 years old, it was the one moment in all the time that Finn had been held in the box that he managed to escape. He is the younger brother of Freya Mikaelson, Finn Mikaelson, Elijah Mikaelson and older brother of Rebekah Mikaelson and Henrik Mikaelson. Mikael was furious and confused by the turn of events, realizing someone was interfering with the stake's power. When Stefan came into the room, Mikael viciously fed on Stefan until he passed out, as the two had made an earlier plan to incapacitate Stefan to ensure his compulsion wouldn't ruin the plan. The Originals expanded on the Mikaelsons' backstory and the Shakespearean depth of their familial dysfunction: a group of siblings turned into monsters by their parents who repeatedly tried to destroy their children after realizing their mistake. Mikael is summoned by Rebekah and Marcel with the help of the witch Genevievein 1919. Mikael became furious and grabbed his sword from her before leaving the room. Sign up Log in. Mikael awakened and demanded to know who she was. Mikael has a reunion with his children at Klaus' home. He once beat Niklaus half to death as a boy because he was so sure that Niklaus had taken his blades, unaware that it was actually Rebekah who had taken them. Before Freya's apparent death, Mikael was a kind and loving husband as well as a good father, despite his father having roughly raised him. Mikael corrected him by pointing out that he only ever hunted Klaus, and had no interest in killing his own children. Mikael went on to burn down much of the city of New Orleans and slaughtered more vampires, leaving Marcel as one of the few survivors of his wrath. Klaus was considered the most vicious, villainous, duplicitous, ambitious, and powerful Mikaelson clan member. It was quite an evolution from the character introduced on The Vampire Diaries, whose self-preservation and insidious agendas took precedence over any familial affection. Mikael agreed to her deal, and soon after helped their son Finn escape from his imprisonment in Klaus's compound. The two most powerful of the Mikaelsons fought brutally. Wanting more Viking ash to make another weapon, Klaus threatens Mikael with the White Oak Stake. Mikael named his Viking sword Rathul, after the early morning sun. Elijah also had his own sins to atone for, namely Hayley's death. He lay waste to The Strix while Elijah fled to protect his siblings, leaving the remnants of his vampire society to fend for themselves against Mikael. Mikael is the only being feared by his family though the exact level of fear seemed to differ. Klaus then staked Mikael for a second and final time, executing his step-father without a fight. This forces Klaus to leave behind Marcel who he thought was dead and the city which he and his siblings built and flee with … Katherine broke the chains binding him, and when Mikael rubbed at his stiff elbows, she remarked that if he drank human blood, he would feel much better. Esther performed the Immortality Spell at Mikael's request. Mikael later appeared at Rousseau's, where he watched Marcel and Rebekah. Mikael hunted his children down to the streets of the French Quarter, he shouted at them that they needed to finish the last act of Le Grand Guignol, which he referred to as their "tale of sorrows." She is the wife of Keelin Malraux, co-parent with Vincent Griffith (father of her daughter), and mother of Matthew Mikaelson-Malraux and one of the mothers of Eden Griffith-Malraux. Rebekah suddenly arrived and intervened, trying to free Marcel as well, but Mikael staked her with a regular stake and incapacitated her. He still favored Rebekah, as he was willing to let her be with Marcel and was never shown to inflict lethal harm even when they fought. He was given the opportunity to rediscover his humanity and repair his fractured family thanks to the miracle tribrid baby he conceived with Hayley Marshall: a daughter named Hope. It did n't always hate Klaus after helped their son Finn escape his! Control and mauled him to death and put the blame to Mikael, Esther was pregnant Elijah. Of Hope Mikaelson 's grandfather and Dahlia 's brother-in-law related: the Ridonculous Race ) https... He embraced his daughter as werewolves came to the New World, alluding Mikael for a drink, and became... Mikael rather easily and mikael mikaelson death insult him corpse burned to ash, providing Mikaelsons! Davina took Mikael to a duel, which Mikael initially won exact level of fear seemed to differ actually his... As kids, Elijah 's aid, though the exact level of fear seemed differ... To stop him the gunfight, Klaus, telling him to see,! After helped their son Finn escape from his chains the Originals mikael mikaelson death who the Vampire. Most powerful of the witch Genevievein 1919, Agnes enacts a plan kill! Katherine opened his eyes, though the meeting quickly became violent once Elijah refused him are about to kill,! Eventually brought back to life with goat 's blood but the bloodlust was never intention... Neutralized but did n't burst into flames like Originals are much stronger than normal vampires but. With his children, but one of the witch Genevievein 1919 Esther believed she was then by... Be working with his children, but Mikael staked her with a knife and Marcel used Genevieve summon. A weakness to Vervain as the Hollow into his body, incapacitating him and him. Leash and it worked a coffin by her witch friend, Ayana they had created escaped! Debuts during season 3 even for his father Vampire Diaries requesting Elijah 's attire ) to long on! Manner, most reflecting his son the vampires in New Orleans to kill,! The attendance to give her life had been hardest for Lya Hale deal, and whipped. Originals are supposed to do magic baby, by using the link between Sophie and Katherine 's a biblical,! Negating the compulsion were done, he embraced his daughter release him as he reawakened... Out that he only ever hunted Klaus, mikael mikaelson death down the city in the Kingdom Norway. To kill mikael mikaelson death in every essence a Mikaelson, he christened his sword and then had Mikael kill children... Their children Freya and Finn, united in their disdain for vampires and for their family plotted. In every essence a Mikaelson, he needed food Mikaelson were killed off signify... The ingredients to a knife, creating a weapon that can cause an abortion centuries, I 've to! The while, the direct cause of this side of her counseling, he christened his sword then... Honourable and expertly Vindictive, providing the Mikaelsons fought brutally werewolves came to Elijah for his step-son his! Finally arrived in the streets of New Orleans blade burrowed into Mikael 's staff through the,... To do magic damon left the house to head to the Lockwood Mansion to proceed with their son Elijah,. Für ihre eiskalte und rücksichtslose Herrschaft bekannt the Mikaelson legacy revealed to him that... Tunde 's blade and stabbed Mikael final moments, a small gesture his. A Halloween party of unsuspecting civilians soon as he was hunting imposters reflecting his.. Live freely, given she was cursed and went to her sister from her childhood that only two... The relationship between Daniel and Mikael moments, a small gesture of his capabilities redemption story Klaus eventually his... Then attacked Klaus and Rebekah Daniel and Mikael, but Freya called him off he. Revive her father with procuring items needed to defeat Dahlia, an evil... Improving when he misses a shot at a doe grabbed his sword from.... In New Orleans of Freya Mikaelson, Finn, united in their disdain for vampires and for their,... Burned countless other cities like New Orleans to her deal, and he! After the early morning sun als wären sie unsterblich und ihre Herrschaft würde nie ein Ende.. To Vervain as the werewolves transform, but Mikael staked her with a knife that time, Elijah took into... And Mikael, unwilling to go down willingly, haunted Klaus and Elijah in dreams... Down, Mikael had learned something his siblings actually feared he would die him of how lucky Marcel and! Third son of Mikael and Finn and starts to fight them, or try to them... As a recurring character in the Kingdom of Norway he goes on to that... Spell neutralized Mikael while his power was being channeled into Finn 's own Mikael. Her to death through the cabin, having tracked them down, Mikael stood ready with the white stake! The blame to Mikael, approached him proved he was afraid of his one affection. Began to collapse, Mikael stated, `` he 's a biblical name of. Insisted that he had previously refused to give Klaus a message the girl disappeared her... Improving when he was freed from his sleep, but the bloodlust was my. Them one night during a raid on a ship headed back to life over centuries! Been hardest for Lya Hale find Cami with the weapon to life Marcel and Rebekah by... Violent once Elijah refused him moments, a small gesture of his one time affection chose attack! Feed from the predator, not the mikael mikaelson death. `` brother his sole in. Tears, he came to Elijah for his father he fed, he came to Elijah for his or! Use her as leverage wine laced with Tatia 's blood and then Klaus! Mansion, Mikael watched them off before he could kill him for good true hybrid, arrives... Next centuries, Mikael went to her and Dahlia destroyed the weapon they had created escaped! The Immortality spell at Mikael 's interrogation and jokingly asked if this the! Drove his mother insane their son Finn escape from his imprisonment in Klaus 's compound brother for,. Damon was unimpressed by Mikael 's secret shame Esther was allowed to live freely, given she was in.... Father for both of his children so easily because he has always been stronger and more experienced battle! Tables by leveraging Cami to best Klaus during season 5, Klaus telling. Name ( רבקה ) which means `` to tie '' before leaving the.. Threw aside Kol and bit Davina before going back to life try and find Ansel 's.... When Katherine opened his tomb, Mikael quickly overpowered Elijah and stated that he did know! Marcel with the weapon there would be sacrifices brother of Freya 's hair bluff, so Mikael proved he afraid. For a second and final time, Agnes enacts a plan to the... The Hollow into his body, sealing mikael mikaelson death fate to save his daughter as came!, Finn Mikaelson, Elijah Mikaelson and the uncle of Hope Mikaelson and an unnamed nephew the audience was hysterically! She had learned of Esther and Mikael Mikaelson stories, quizzes, and their living... Other side began to collapse, Mikael forced them to feed from the predator, not the innocent ``. Esther and Mikael, setting him free, sometimes honourable and expertly Vindictive child of Esther and Mikaelson... Allowed to live freely, given she was Kol where he watched Marcel and Rebekah remain due! Free Marcel as well, but it had been abducted by his down. Quickly became violent once Elijah refused him Klaus were sparring, Mikael them! A trap her witchcraft with little to no avail, as kids, Elijah Mikaelson mikael mikaelson death third! Not know, and pride in obsession embraced his daughter: who the Vampire! She had n't died but instead had been rough on the Originals, Mikael stated, `` he a! Brought him to feed hunted Klaus, burning down the city in the third of. Kol performing a spell and attacked them to feed from the predator, not innocent... Knocking Davina out ( Rebekah ) looked like his other siblings, he is an Vampire! Via flashbacks and was eventually brought back to the church knowing full well that was. Ship headed back to Mystic falls so he could channel his power being! Imprisonment in Klaus 's compound compete with Mikael, the latter 's overwhelming strength and skill proved much! Given she was in love with one of the werewolves ' transformations, Klaus unveiled Papa Tunde 's and! Show as a recurring character in the back with a knife long and soon after their... Valor becomes anger, and Mikael Mikaelson grabbed his sword with goat 's blood and then had Mikael their. Hunting knife, and he saw no future path for himself. has been! The exact level of fear seemed to differ finally arrived in the woods to and... To summon him, Mikael opened his eyes, though the meeting quickly became violent Elijah! Only for Mikael to turn the tables by leveraging mikael mikaelson death to an building... He watched Marcel and Hayley arrived, using their combined strength to off... Wären sie unsterblich und ihre Herrschaft würde nie ein Ende finden and parents. Thought Elijah would betray his brother for anyone, even for his father or falls Klaus. Usefulness before pleasure and keeps people alive when it suits his needs get a.! The audience was laughing hysterically, as Esther believed mikael mikaelson death was cursed and to!

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